VinylCut 5

THE software for cutting applications

Vinyl is a highly versatile substrate which can be used for a wide range of applications in fields as diverse as construction, motor vehicles, crafting, advertising, home decor and many others. However, in order to maximise the way vinyl is used, a vinyl cutter is required, but this in turn needs software capable of achieving outstanding results.

The leading software for cutting vinyl in the local market has been developed by Jet Park-based company Ambitious Machinery. VinylCut 5 is the fifth generation of vinyl cutting software developed by Ambitious Machinery, and is now compatible with most cutters available on the market through its support for HPGL and DMPL language driven machines.

Since its launch in 2016, more than 5000 copies of VinylCut have been sold into the local market, making it the de facto industry standard for vinyl cutting in a range of applications. But, what is it that makes VinylCut so popular? The first point, quite logically, is that it is cost-effective. It offers a suite of tools and capabilities second-to-none at a price which is affordable and yet it is extremely powerful. The second, and possibly more important point, is that VinylCut 5 is available for free trial download with no obligation. Simply by downloading the software from users can see for themselves how easy it is to use and how versatile it really can be.

VinylCut 5 is available in both Mac and PC versions and offers users a full range of design elements through VinylCut Craft Design and specialised cutting solutions through VinylCut Cutting. With these elements, users can import base designs and then manipulate, enhance, distort and adjust elements to create the best possible designs prior to cutting, and then achieve cuts of the highest quality resulting perfectly finished products.

VinylCut 5 can also work with large-format printers ensuring that the printed image and the cut-out design work cohesively to give the user the very best possible result. An extensive library of images and design elements further expands the capabilities of VinylCut 5 making it the solution for both serious business applications as well as, for the amateur enthusiast. With all of these features it is little wonder that so many customers who have downloaded their free trial version have gone on to register and buy their version of VinylCut on and Buythis Online Shop.

There are two additional features which make this product stand out from other cutting software available on the market. Firstly, once you have purchased your software you automatically qualify for free online assistance should you need it or if there is something you want to do but are not sure how to achieve. Secondly, you also qualify for free upgrades when new versions of the software are released.

As a total package, you cannot beat VinylCut as The solution for your vinyl cutting requirements – now or in the future.